Saf is a lifelong storyteller with her camera glued to her hand. Born in the US and raised in the NZ, she’s got a lust for travel, and a penchant for never using the same surname twice. Rumour has it she never sleeps, and rarely leaves Twitter.

As writer, podcaster, photographer, and game developer, she often speaks about diversity, video games, Star Wars, and chronic/mental illnesses. She is also a founding member of the IGDA NZ chapter, as well as the chapter’s social media manager and sometimes minicade-organizer. Her passion for supporting the indie development community’s growth in New Zealand fuels her.

As a podcasting addict, she can be currently found on:

  • Blaster Canon, a Den of Geek podcast about the Star Wars Expanded Universe;
  • Rogue Podron, in which three newbies and one veteran read the old X-wing novels;
  • Western Reaches, an all-lady podcast about books, games, and everything else the hosts are into;
  • Of Dice and Droids (mercenary group), a Star Wars RPG campaign.

Or she can be found on past episodes of:

  • Now, This is Podcasting!, a humorous, often spoilery Star Wars news podcast;
  • Ace Space, a podcast about being ace and loving space;
  • The ForceCast (before it ended).

Saf can also be found as a contributor writing about games, Star Wars, diversity, and events at Tosche StationMaking Star Wars, and The Wookiee Gunner.

As someone with CFS, ADHD, and depression, she is a vocal supporter of and advocate for awareness for invisible illnesses, neurological disorders, and disability.

To help keep Saf going as a creator, you can support her on Patreon.

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