Blog Squadron – Mission #6: Sharing and Social Media

Blog Squadron – Mission #6: Sharing and Social Media

Blog Squadron is a series of posts from a handful of Star Wars bloggers sharing insight into how we got started blogging, what inspires us, how we succeed at our goals, and our approaches to blogging and writing. We hope that by sharing our knowledge, we can help others join us as Star Wars bloggers, and make it easier for newer fans to write about their love. Join us as we discuss sharing content, building audiences, and how social media has helped us as bloggers.

Blogmatis Personae

(Or, who the heckie are all these awesome bloggers?)

Matt ApplebeeFar, Far Away

Jessie (Personal Blog, mostly Star Wars flavored) and (Star Wars: The Old Republic podcast site.)

Patty Hammond: I currently write for my own and also for The Future Of The and  I have previously wrote for The Cantina Cast and The Detroit News Geek Watch Blog.

Bryan:  I’ve posted on a few blogs along the way, but I’m exclusively on hyperspacepodblast.comnowadays.

Sophie: My personal blog is where I am chronicling my journey through the Star Wars Expanded Universe. I also write articles for


Saf: I write sporadically for, and I also write about Star Wars on my own site,

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