Whoa, Nessie! 03: The Jackalope: This Got Really Dark Really Fast

Whoa, Nessie! 03: The Jackalope: This Got Really Dark Really Fast

When is a rabbit not a rabbit, and an antelope not an antelope? When it’s a Jackalope! Join Amy and Jade to learn the surprisingly creepy mythology of the Jackalope, including important facts like its drink of choice and singing range.

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The Lasso 04: Justice League Trailer & Wonder Woman Rebirth Issue #26

The Lasso 04: Justice League Trailer & Wonder Woman Rebirth Issue #26

Heart of the Amazon! – Listen in as Mike and Maia discuss the brand new Justice League trailer from Comic Con, as well as Wonder Woman Rebirth #26 from Shea Fontana and Mirka Andolfo!

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The Lasso 03: Wonder Woman Rebirth Volume #2

The Lasso 03: Wonder Woman Rebirth Volume #2

Year One! – Listen in as your hosts discuss and review Wonder Woman Rebirth Vol #2 from Greg Rucka, Nicola Scott, and Bilquis Evely!

Whoa, Nessie! 02: Godzilla: Dudes In Suits

Whoa, Nessie! 02: Godzilla: Dudes In Suits

Join Jade and Amelia as they dive into the history of Godzilla to find the facts: is the legendary kaiju just a man in a really hot suit? Or is there more allegorical truth to Godzilla’s rampaging?

Whoa, Nessie! 01: The Phoenix Might Be Out Of Our League

Whoa, Nessie! 01: The Phoenix Might Be Out Of Our League

Where does the phoenix come from? What special gifts do these fiery birds possess? Why were ancient humans so obsessed with wanting to eat them? Find out, on the first episode of Whoa, Nessie! Meet your hosts, Amelia and Jade, as they delve into history and Harry Potter to find the truth about the phoenix.

Real, or not? You decide.

The Intergalactic Express 01: Workshopping As We Go

The Intergalactic Express 01: Workshopping As We Go

It’s finally here! The Not Saf For Work podcast network launches today, and with it one of its new shows, The Intergalactic Express, a podcast hosted by three writers as they discuss the creative process and the works they love, hate, love to hate, and hate to love.

All aboard for the Intergalactic Express’s first episode, which briefly introduces its hosts, the show itself, and the new Not Saf For Work podcast network. Includes: weird accents, huge nerds, sarcasm.

Art by JVCA, theme by Memphre on Bandcamp

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Podcast Spotlight: The Lasso, A Wonder Woman Podcast

Podcast Spotlight: The Lasso, A Wonder Woman Podcast

With the Not Saf For Work podcast network launching next month on July 1st, it’s time to talk a little about the podcasts that will be featuring on the network! First up: The Lasso, a discussion show about one of the greatest women known on Earth and beyond, Wonder Woman.

With a rich 75 year history, Wonder Woman has always stood for truth, justice, and love. Covering everything from comics to animation to the silver screen, The Lasso is your one stop shop for discussion, reviews, and perspectives on Diana of Themyscira.

The world’s greatest superheroine has left an undeniable impact on not only pop culture, but our society as a whole. Join Mike and Maia as they celebrate all things wonderful about Wonder Woman!

The Lasso is a podcast for DC newbies, old Diana fans, and anyone in-between who loves good conversations about Wonder Woman. Episodes will come out with comics and other Wonder Woman-related releases.

Your Hosts

Mike Audette is a relatively new Wonder Woman fan coming in with a fresh perspective. He may be newer here, but his love for Diana is true. Mike isn’t new to fandom in general though, and can be found heavily involved with Star Wars blogging and podcasting! He tweets at @mike_audette and writes for Coffee With Kenobi.

Maia is a queer FilAm geek of all trades who spends too much time yelling on twitter @semirose. Maia also writes for her blog, Fire Bee Fights and is the facilitator of upcoming podcast Halo-Halo Happy Hour which features round table conversations by mixed race people.

Where to listen??

The first special review episode of The Lasso discussing the Wonder Woman film is out now on iTunes, Podbean and Feedburner, so be sure to listen, subscribe, and write a review. Follow their Twitter for news and Wondie goodness.

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Look At Me Talk About Things

Look At Me Talk About Things

Hey all!

I’ve been a little (a lot) absent from my site (and other places) for the past month and a half for a couple specific reasons: travel, health, and organizing podcast things. I went to Canada, USA, Wellington, Australia, and then came home to be diagnosed with Fibromyalgia. It’s been an intense few weeks! But more on that stuff later.

For now, here are the recordings of the talks and panels I did while travelling and some little write-ups about the events I was lucky enough to experience. Travelling for a month and being accepted to speak at multiple events was a huge privilege, and though I’m paying for it now with my health, I wouldn’t have had April any other way.

Play By Play

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Open Call for Podcast Pitches

Anyone who’s been following me for a while probably knows I’ve been working my way slowly towards starting my own podcasting network, one that supports diverse voices and gives a platform to those who might struggle to get one otherwise.

Well, it’s finally happening, and I’m now accepting pitches. Aspiring podcaster? Total newbie with a cool idea? Someone with a lot to say, but nowhere to say it? I’m looking for you!

Why are you doing this?

Look, I love podcasting. It’s probably my favourite thing, and I wouldn’t be where I am now without people taking chances on me and giving me space to grow. I want to do that for others, especially for people from diverse backgrounds who may struggle to find opportunities like the ones I was given.

Is this a Star Wars thing?

No, I don’t plan on this being a Star Wars network. I’m already part of three awesome networks in the Star Wars community and I don’t want to make my own. I want to create a space for podcasts about topics that their hosts are passionate about. If some of them end up being about Star Wars, then that’s totally fine.

Is this going to be part of Not Saf for Work?

Yes, it’s going to fall under the umbrella of my personal site. Whether or not the name will reflect that is TBC.

Is there a deadline?

I don’t particularly intend on closing up submissions for the near future, but ideally I would want submissions by the end of February so I can start aiming for a launch date.

How do I pitch?

Email me at notsaffornetwork[at]gmail with the subject like “Podcast pitch” (or something similar, if you’re feeling creative).

What I want:

  • Who you and any co-hosts are
  • A short run-down of your podcast idea
  • How often you’d want to release (weekly, fortnightly, monthly, etc.)
  • How comfortable you are to edit your own podcast
  • Any previous podcasting/speaking experience you may have
  • Optional: a short clip with you and your potential co-hosts discussing something. I basically want to hear your chemistry as a team

Your pitch doesn’t need to be super formal in any way. Don’t worry about writing the perfect email, I want to hear your voice and your ideas.

Can I ask more questions?

Yes! Feel free to email me at the above address, or hit me up in my Twitter (@wanderlustin) DMs to ask any questions, or to simply bounce ideas off of me.

SWCA: Saf Errant

SWCA: Saf Errant

It was a month ago that I finally stepped foot onto the plane that would bring me, for the first time in over 15 years, to America. I meant to sleep the flight away–I really did–but instead I absentmindedly drank a glass of wine offered to me before remembering my sleeping pills had a “no alcohol” rule. So for around 30 hours, I did not sleep. Oops!

At least there was free food.

Why was I going to America? Well, for Star Wars Celebration, the massive convention for Star Wars fans all over the globe to converge and nerd out together. As if anyone needed more proof of how much I love the franchise, this was it. From the 15th to the 19th of April, I was to be surrounded by Star Wars.

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