– About –

After a fatal car crash, Allegra finds her artificial mind placed in a new body previously belonging to a young woman named Melissa. This body comes with more baggage than Allegra expects: Melissa’s best friend claims she was murdered, and seems determined to force Allegra to help her solve the mystery.

Newly struggling with depression and a shifted sexuality, Allegra must learn to navigate a stranger’s past, new relationships, and dark secrets that threaten to tear apart the lives of those she cares for.

Content warnings: suicide, references to sexual abuse, alcohol abuse, death.

– Characters –

Allegra: An artificial mind in a human body, Allegra just wants to live a life without worrying about how she differs from biologically born humans. Has just finished her first year of art school.

(Me)Lissa: A young woman who recently passed, whose body was donated for an artificial mind. She, like Allegra, had only just finished her first year of university.

Sam: Lissa’s best friend. Very angry. A barista.

Paiden Chao: Allegra’s girlfriend and best friend. Though she is an artificial, her parents are both human, leaving her in a rare position of belonging to both worlds. She has finished her first year studying law.

Addison: Allegra’s sister, of sorts. An older artificial who works as an archivist and isn’t very interested in playing human.

Emily Landreth: A sad girl with a knack for disturbing photography.

Chase Evans: Some asshole.

Audrey: The ice cream girl. A pink-haired artificial whose sister is one of the original artificials.

Julia (Jules): Lissa’s mother.

GrayLissa’s father.

Bus: A bus AI. Not as sentient as an artificial like Allegra, but smart enough to know they’re happy where they are.

– Chapters –