Pentax: July ’15

I recently unearthed my mum’s old Pentax K1000 with some help from my sister, and since I had some spare film laying around I decided to test it out.

We couldn’t get the battery slot open, so I had no light meter, and I wasn’t 100% sure I’d loaded the film properly (it’s been a while), and then I almost screwed up rewinding the film—on top of the film counter being broken. This was a lot of experimentation, and I was totally expecting to have a roll of basically nothing.

Most of this is from Thames and the Coromandel; a friend and I went for a walk up to the Waiomu kauri grove one morning while down visiting my family. There’s one tree there that’s absolutely massive, must be a few centuries old. We also just wandered around the town a little on the market day (I was trying to find the source of the sausage sizzle scent).

As for my normal DSLR baby, I’m going to be uploading photos from a cosplay shoot from a couple months ago (oops) with a cosplayer I adore later this week!

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