Whoa Nessie 06: The Jersey Devil: Pre-Revolutionary Almanac Wars

Join Amy and Jade for a modern(ish) monster of the week: The Jersey Devil! Plus: megabats, vengeful dragonairs, and an origin story that is absolutely buck wild.

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  1. Hey there Jade and Amy,

    Thank you for another entertaining and informative episode. You two continue to sound like you’re having fun together and as fans of your podcast, my Dad and I really appreciate that. It’s nice to listen to people that actually enjoy being together.

    I found this episode interesting because I’ve heard of the Jersey Devil, but never researched the legends around such a creature. Thanks for sharing what you found out about it and how the various versions of it may have evolved over time.

    Since you both enjoy fantastical creatures and probably would like some of them to actually exist, if it were possible which domesticated animal (an animal most people would consider a pet) would you want to have the ability to talk to and why? Since my family has always been a cat family, we’d like to be able to talk to them. We already talk to them, but it would be nice if they could actually talk back.

    Well I’ll let you go. Thanks for continuing to provide your listeners and fans such an entertaining and informative show.

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