Look At Me Talk About Things

Look At Me Talk About Things

Hey all!

I’ve been a little (a lot) absent from my site (and other places) for the past month and a half for a couple specific reasons: travel, health, and organizing podcast things. I went to Canada, USA, Wellington, Australia, and then came home to be diagnosed with Fibromyalgia. It’s been an intense few weeks! But more on that stuff later.

For now, here are the recordings of the talks and panels I did while travelling and some little write-ups about the events I was lucky enough to experience. Travelling for a month and being accepted to speak at multiple events was a huge privilege, and though I’m paying for it now with my health, I wouldn’t have had April any other way.

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Intermission: From the Plane Window

Intermission: From the Plane Window

There’s a reason I like the window seat: sometimes I see some cool stuff. Flying over the States had some rad views—at least when the sky wasn’t filled with clouds.

This gallery is something a little different, just a tiny break between me flying to Sydney and sorting through the other hundreds of photos on my card. Be back to normal soon!

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Disneyland: the Details

Disneyland: the Details

Going from Star Wars Celebration to Disneyland was going from my happiest place on Earth to the happiest place on Earth. Stepping into Disneyland is like stepping into another world, filled with rocket ships and cute little stores whose opening hours are never.

I also found my true love there: soft pretzels. Oh America, why do you make such strange, yet delicious food?

Sporting my new Sigma lens,  my usual nifty fifty was thrown unceremoniously into my bag (“I don’t need you anymore, I’ve found someone better!”) Soon enough I found myself swapping them back around; turns out I’m still a sucker for prime lenses.

I absolutely adored Star Tours and Space Mountain, much to no one’s surprise. Sometimes when I drift off on the bus I think of going back and riding Star Tours a million more times. One day I’ll get all the combinations, guys. One day.

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